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We want to show support and remember those who are deployed, we also want to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice; their lives. This is where #RAGFriday comes into play. RAG = Remember All Gone. Not only do we want to remember those who are currently deployed, but also all those who come home and are still fighting a battle within, and those who are gone, but never forgotten. Rapid Application Group wants to get big so we can give back big. If you have served, are serving, or thinking about serving in our armed forces in the future, know that Rapid Application Group humbly thanks you for your service and is here to support you unconditionally. We’re here to let those who feel broken or alone know that there are strangers who genuinely care. Those who have served have taken care of us and now it’s time to take care of them.

Veteran suicides every day
Million veterans in the US
Million soldiers fallen in wars